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Why is it important to have mobile signal inside your building?

Imagine that you decided to treat yourself and booked a luxurious holiday by the sea in Italy in a 4 or even 5 star hotel. Everything goes well, you are greeted by the hotel staff and given your room key and a password for your hotel Wi-Fi network. After sunbathing and exploring the surroundings you return to your room and looking forward to having a video call with your family or friends or simply watching a new Netflix show. However, you sadly find out that Wi-Fi speed is not good enough for streaming videos or having video calls. This is especially the case in peak times. So you decide to switch back to your mobile data only to discover that there is no mobile signal inside the hotel. 

Such experiences turn clients off and make them never come back.

Growing demand in 5G

The latest GSM Association’s report on the mobile economy in Europe highlighted that in the next three years the number of mobile subscribers will steadily grow and reach 480 million amounting to 87% of population by 2025. Furthermore, the mobile industry contribution to GDP in Europe will reach 840bn. According to the GSM Association’s report by 2025 5G will account for at least 44% of mobile connections in Europe.

5G is rapidly rolling out across Europe showing unprecedented internet speed of 1 terabyte per second. According to the GSM Association’s report the average monthly data use per smartphone in Western Europe amounted to 15GB in 2021. The forecast predicts that it will increase more than three times and reach 52 GB in 2027. 

The above statistics demonstrate the growing demand in high speed internet data, especially 5G. Nowadays users expect to have excellent mobile signal everywhere they go: outside while jogging, underground on their commute to work as well as inside their office building or gym. Mobile users are very unforgiving when it comes to slow data speed or dropped phone calls.

Enjoy the strong mobile signal

A mobile repeater system can successfully amplify mobile signal and bring it inside the building. StellaDoradus offers a wide range of repeaters that successfully resolve customers’ connectivity issues even in the most challenging installations. 

Our iR6 iRepeater is the installers’ best choice and our best selling product. iR6 amplifies both lower and higher frequencies. The low frequencies such as 700MHz and 800 MHz are essential for reaching deep inside the building. This way the installer can be sure that there won’t be “dead” signal zones inside the building. The high frequencies are essential for the extremely fast data speeds (2100MHz and 2600MHz) which are crucial when it comes to 5G. Users will be able to stream videos and make phone calls at any time in all locations inside the building.

Another strong advantage of the iR6 repeater is carrier aggregation where several frequencies can be used at the same time, to give even greater bandwidth and stronger mobile signal inside the building.

With the iR6 the installation will be far simpler and future proofed. Installers will have peace of mind and keep their clients happy. Moreover, our online cloud platform StellaControl allows installers to monitor and control all our network connected devices (iRepeaters, iLineAmps). StellaControl helps installers resolve most issues remotely, often saving a trip to the building.

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