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JYSK is the largest Danish household retail chain with over 3100 stores, primarily located in Europe. It is an established brand when it comes to home furniture and interior design. JYSK Picassent in Valencia opened its doors for the first time in summer 2023. The building is used as a logistics hub for the JYSK stores in the adjacent area and is built as a large warehouse. Stella Doradus repeaters were installed in the warehouse to enable a strong mobile signal throughout the building.

The challenge

The size of the floor area in this warehouse is 20 000 sq.metres. The ceilings are 15m high. 

In JYSK Picassent warehouse multiple forklifts operate around the clock preparing customers’ online orders. Tablets on these forklifts scan QR codes located on the product boxes. Successful scanning process requires a strong mobile data signal.

Before the repeater installation, the mobile signal inside the premises was very weak. In some parts of the warehouse there was no mobile signal at all. This low signal was caused by the metal (zinc) cladded walls and roof which blocks mobile signal from entering the premises. As a result, the scanning process was failing which was unacceptable for management. JYSK prides itself in efficient warehouse operation and fast preparation of online orders. So, the management decided to contact  Damal Redes, a trusted Stella Doradus installer, for professional advice on solving the mobile signal coverage problems. 

The objective.

The management requested a strong mobile signal throughout the warehouse building for quick scanning of product boxes. Excellent quality of phone calls was also important for the staff safety so that warehouse workers could contact emergency services in case of an accident.

The equipment installed:

  • 1 x Repeater
  • 1  x LineAmp 
  • 4 x Yagi antenna
  • 1 x Dome antennas

The result

A successful repeater installation ensured a strong mobile signal throughout the warehouse. Now the staff can quickly scan the product boxes and pack online orders with ease. No more delays and no more dead signal zones. Now, excellent mobile signal is present in all parts of the building, which is important for workers’ safety. Overall, the management is delighted with the quality and speed of the installation, as well as the results.

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