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Boosting Cellular Coverage in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals/ Primary Care Units / Rehabilitations Centres/ Private Clinics
Access to good mobile signal coverage in healthcare facilities enhances patient and staff experience and also improves the overall efficiency of the facility.

How to improve the mobile signal in Hospitals?

Hospitals present a unique set of challenges when it comes to improving the mobile signal inside the building.

Scalable solution for large sprawling campus

Hospitals are generally large, sprawling buildings where a variety of activities are carried out. Some areas contain sensitive medical equipment, while other areas are occupied by people: the canteen/ restaurant facilities, patient wards, waiting rooms, offices and maintenance rooms. Each of these spaces has a different set of requirements in terms of which people and equipment need mobile signal. Stella’s DAS system is a scalable mobile solution that can cover any sized building, adapting to suit the requirements of the hospital.


Supports all operators and unlimited numbers of people

There are different stakeholders in a healthcare building, from the staff who work in the building, such as medical staff, admin staff, maintenance staff, cleaning staff, and also patients and family members who visit the hospital. All of these people require mobile signal to communicate with their phones. Stella repeaters support an unlimited number of users as well as allowing them access to 5G, 4G, 3G voice and data with their chosen operator.


Cyber Security and GDPR friendly solution

Cyber attack risks are increasing. Hospitals need to protect their networks while at the same time providing mobile communication throughout the building. A Stella repeater will allow all visitors and staff to make calls and access mobile data while using their own data plan on campus. This enables the hospital to keep their own network private and protected without exposing it to the public (or staff).


Eco Friendly and cost efficient to run

Hospitals are under pressure to run economically. Enabling people in the hospital to use their phones at work is cost effective in many ways. Patients can use their phones/ devices for work while waiting to be seen, saving time and money. Staff in the hospital can use their phones for speedy, reliable communications that can be life saving for critically ill patients. At the goods inward department, they can use their phones for receiving goods into the warehouse and also reporting errors in deliveries.

By enabling patients and staff to use their phones while in the hospital, time is saved, less staff are needed, less paper is printed and used, and fewer errors are reported. This allows the hospital to greatly improve their green footprint for a very small initial input of energy.

The Stella repeater solution operates as a passive DAS system. Stella internal antennas use no energy while projecting the signal throughout the facility, and the repeaters use approximately the same amount of power as a light bulb. This makes it a cost effective eco-friendly system.

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Stella Support

Pre-Installation Support

Building plans can be uploaded to the Stella Online Planning Tool to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation layout. This helps the installer to provide more accurate quotations as only the required material is purchased, and also saves the installer time when doing the installation. 

Post Installation Management

Stella iRepeater Systems can be fully monitored online using Stella’s cloud based, remote management system. The system can be remotely monitored and calibrated, ensuring it is always performing at the optimum level.

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Healthcare Success Stories


Patients, family or visitors who are sitting in a waiting room or lying in a bed need access to 5G,4G 3G data on their phones for calls, work and entertainment. A management-free solution that gives each individual person access to the internet, and allows everyone to work off their own data plan is what is required.

The Stella Repeater Solution is a management free system that amplifies the signal of all operators. The system supports an unlimited number of people to use their phones at the same time, allowing each person to work off their own data plan for 5G, 4G, 3G and voice.

To enable mobile coverage to both staff and patients, the hospital must be able to access the signal from all operators. A Stella Doradus repeater will amplify the signal from all operators so that all visitors to the facility can seamlessly use their phones within the building.

There are certain areas of the hospital, such as the radiology lab and MRI scanner room, where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. Hospitals require a solution that will provide signal in certain areas while keeping others areas without signal. The Stella Repeater Solution can be installed so as to provide signal only in designated zones.

Hospitals are often constructed with mass concrete, steel cladding, thick walls and glass. This kind of building is particularly good at preventing the mobile signal from entering the building. Even the windows have a metal oxide layer applied to them that completely blocks the mobile signal. A repeater will bring mobile signal from outside the hospital, amplify it, and distribute it throughout the building to ensure signal coverage throughout the building.