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Underground Carparks

Multistorey car parks can be large sprawling areas over multiple levels, often located underground. As they modernize to accommodate up-to-date equipment and work practices, mobile signal is required in these areas. Devices such as CCTV cameras, E-parking pay stations and EV-charging stations require good mobile signal, and car park owners must comply with regulations regarding mobile signal coverage for health and safety for staff and customers.

However, because they are below ground and often have steel and concrete walls, the signal from the operators will not penetrate the walls, and as a result there is usually no mobile signal available in these car parks. A solution is required to enable voice and data communication in all areas of the car park for staff and clients, using GSM devices.

What to consider when providing mobile signal in a basement carpark?


Ensure the system amplifies all operators

Carparks have a constant flow of visitors using different network providers, so it is important to ensure that the system supports all operators’ signals to accommodate everyone. The Stella Repeater System amplifies all operators for 5G, 4G 3G, voice and data, ensuring mobile coverage for all staff and visitors in the car park.


Choose a solution that amplifies mobile signal for EV charging Stations, VISA terminals and security cameras

With the increase in electric cars, car parks must increase their allocation of EV charging stations to accommodate more vehicles. These stations require access to good cellular signal in order to function and take payments. The Stella Repeater System amplifies the signal to all machines with SIM cards in the car park, including phones, EV charging stations, E-pay stations and CCTV cameras, ensuring full signal for smooth operation.


Ensure there are no signal blackspots so that all areas are safe and connected

Car parks can have multiple stories under the ground that cause signal blackspots in the car park. They can be dangerous places as they are often quiet and lack the protection of public surveillance. It is important to create a secure environment by enabling visitors access to mobile signal to communicate. This is especially important in the case of an emergency. The Stella Enterprise Solution is a modular system that can be configured to accommodate any layout or size of car park and distribute the signal where needed, bringing the signal below ground, if required.


Choose a cost effective, low maintenance solution

Car parks generally don't require large numbers of staff, so a simple low management, low cost  and future proof solution is required. Stella repeaters provide the simplest most cost effective way to bring signal into a building. The repeater consumes the equivalent energy of a lightbulb to operate and the antennas/spitters use no energy to distribute the signal. There are no passwords to manage and with the Stella iRepeater solution, the repeaters can be monitored remotely ensuring peace of mind that the system is working at all times.

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Stella Support

Pre-Installation Support

Building plans can be uploaded to the Stella Online Planning Tool to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation layout. This helps the installer to provide more accurate quotations as only the required material is purchased, and also saves the installer time when doing the installation. 

Post Installation Management

Stella iRepeater Systems can be fully monitored online using Stella’s cloud based, remote management system. The system can be remotely monitored and calibrated, ensuring it is always performing at the optimum level.

Inquire how to improve your mobile signal with our expert engineers


The mobile signal from the operator supports hundreds of simultaneous users and 5G offers lightning fast data speeds. Therefore with the Stella Repeater Solution, all users will experience clear voice calls and super fast data when multiple people use data, just as they do in a good signal area. All devices that use the cellular signal will also be amplified, including VISA terminals, E-parking terminals, E-charging terminals etc.

The Stella repeater amplifies the signal from the mobile operators which is the most reliable signal available. In the unlikely event that the signal from one operator’s mast goes down, the antenna will simply receive the signal from the next mast, just as a mobile phone would do. The Stella repeater does not alter the operators’ signal. It simply brings it inside the building, and this ensures it is the most reliable system available.

The Stella Repeater Solution is a modular scalable system that can be adapted to suit any sized area. For car parks with long aisles, low frequency option repeaters are used, coupled with narrow, focused beam antennas to ensure the signal travels as far as possible.