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Cloud Monitoring

StellaControl online portal for cloud connected products.

Our advanced, cloud-based, remote management system, StellaControl, allows for real-time monitoring and control of all our network connected devices (iRepeaters, iLineAmps.)

It allows installers, distributors and optionally a Stella Doradus engineer to remotely manage and monitor repeater systems, ensuring that they are performing optimally at all times. It also allows for remote troubleshooting often saving a trip to the building.

Stellacontrol portal History Graphs

Full access to Device Page:

  • Monitor live signal power.
  • Performance Statistics.
  • History Graphs.
  • Turn on/off any band.
  • Add attenuation to any band.

Receive Alerts for:

  • Reduced downlink signal over time.
  • Bands that have automatically shut down due to high power.
  • Feedback/ interference on any band.
  • Repeater is offline, Mains power issues.

stellacontrol Places page

Have full control over your repeaters remotely with ProMonitoring.

Unlimited access to Stella Engineer for help and support.

Contact Stella for help anytime for optimising and troubleshooting. Alternatively, let Stella manage/monitor the repeaters completely, leaving the installer to concentrate on the installation and growing the business.

Firmware managed and kept up to date.

Make sure all your Repeaters have the latest firmware.
Either manually do you own firmware upgrades or allow Stella to automatically keep all your firmware up to date.


For every year of ProMonitoring, +1 year of ProWarranty is included.


Stella/installer monitors Alerts and is forewarned of any potential issues.

Why ProMonitoring is important

Repeater systems are very robust and there are rarely issues. However, the radio frequency environment outside the building can change, and this can negatively impact the performance of the system. ProMonitoring is important to keep the repeater optimized. To learn more click here.

Stellacontrol inventory

How to get access to ProMonitoring?

Contact StellaDoradus or your reseller to purchase ProMonitoring

Free Trial Access for 2 Months

With all newly sold iRepeaters and iLineAmps, 2 months free platform access is available. Installers can activate these 2 free months whenever they choose.

Auto-Activation will happen if:

  1. Device is online for 10 days.
  2. Device is sold to End Customer on StellaControl.
  3. Device is put into a building on StellaControl.
  4. A new service is applied to the device.

After that, to access the repeater online, annual subscription must be purchased.