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Stella Monitoring

StellaControl online portal for cloud connected products.

Our advanced, cloud-based, remote management system, StellaControl allows for real-time monitoring and control of all our network connected devices (iRepeaters., iLineamps..)

It allows the integrator and/or Stella Doradus to manage and monitor the repeater system, ensuring that it is performing optimally at all times.

Power Outage

We can monitor if any repeater has been plugged out. This can happen during a power cut or even when somebody accidentally plugs out the power. If the repeater is not monitored, the system could remain degraded for many days or even weeks. However, when monitored by Stella, we get alerted immediately and notify the relevant person.

Signal Reduction Over Time

The radio frequency environment outside your building can change due to

  1. the addition of new base stations,
  2. tilting of sector antennas.

With Pro Monitoring (see below), Stella checks the signal levels continuously over time to see if there is degradation. We attempt to fix the issue remotely, even before the customer is aware of any issue.

Network Upgrades Over Time

Over time, mobile operators can change the services (5G/4G/3G) that are transmitted over certain frequencies(800/900/900MHz etc..). This can change the behavior of the repeater and should be monitored. Once recognised the repeater can be recalibrated to ensure continual optimal performance.

Network Disturbances Detection

We monitor the uplink signal, graphed over time. If we see unusual high uplink power, sustained over a period of time, we flag the event and notify the relevant person in charge.

Remote Firmware Updates

On Pro monitoring, Stella will keep the firmware on the repeater up to date at all times, ensuring optimal performance and sometimes adding new performance enhancing features.

Types of Monitoring Available

There are 2 types of monitoring available:

  • Pro Monitoring: Stella does all the work for you
  • Self Monitoring: You monitor your own devices.

Contract options: 1 to 5 years.
10% discount applies for buildings with many devices (5+).
Warranty Extension: Pro monitoring contract, +2 years. (on top of standard 3 year warranty)

Contact us to learn more about Monitoring.

Benefits to Installer

Reduced call outs
Allows the installer to find potential issues in advance, enabling a remote solution.

Peace of mind
A system monitored by Stella, the manufacturer, ensures high value customers have the reliability they expect.

Focus on new business
More time can be invested in new business instead of responding to issues.

Higher value customers
A monitored solution is a professional solution, attracting higher value customers.