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Remote Monitoring

Complete the professional iRepeater installation with Monitoring.

The StellaControl Portal is a web-based platform that provides installers and authorized users remote monitoring, managing, and control of iRepeater installations. Compatible with all Internet-connected Stella Doradus repeater systems, StellaControl offers carrier-grade security and is accessible from any web browser. By logging into the platform from a computer or mobile device, users can organize all their deployments, commission new iRepeater systems, view real-time system performance, adjust alarm policies and notification settings, update software, and much more.

An important aspect of a repeater installation is that the installer does not have to return to the building after the installation is complete. Installations that require multiple visits are expensive and time consuming, as the client may be hundreds of kilometres from the installer. Unexpected events can occur, such as a repeater being accidently plugged out, or the external environment changing if, for example, an operator removes or instals a mast close to the building. 

Our advanced, cloud-based, remote management system allows the installer and/or Stella Doradus to monitor and control in real-time all of our iRepeaters, ensuring that they are performing optimally at all times.

Stellacontrol portal History Graphs

Monitoring services

StellaDoradus offers 2 monitoring services LITE and PRO. The first year of Monitoring LITE is free of charge.

In order to continue having access to the monitoring service a customer has to purchase a monitoring contract. Contact StellaDoradus, or your reseller, to purchase the monitoring service.

PRO monitoring allows customers to get the maximum value out of their iRepeaters. With PRO Monitoring Stella engineers will ensure that your iRepeater is performing at its very best at all times. Stella Doradus will continuously monitor the iRepeater’s performance and investigate every potential issue. Stella team of experts will keep your iRepeater’s software version up to date. 

Stella ManagedX
Hot SwappingX
Status + Settings
Device History
Firmware Updates

Alerts (PRO only)

Email alerts are instantly sent out in case of any anomaly with iRepeater. This allows the installer/Stella to be forewarned of potential issues and take corrective action.

Currently there are Alerts for the following potential issues: signal strength over time, power supplies issues, feedback, connection status, automatic shutdowns due to high power, issues with antennas and cabling.

Stella Managed (PRO only)

Stella Doradus engineers will continuously monitor your iRepeater and ensure its optimal performance at all times. 

Hot Swapping (PRO only)

If any iRepeater is faulty, Stella Doradus will send a replacement immediately and only when this replacement is installed, do we ask for the faulty one to be returned. This ensures that the customer maintains coverage during the replacement process.

Status + Settings

With status and settings,an installer can see the signal levels live. They can also shutdown and/or attenuate bands accordingly.

Device History

Device history allows an installer to view the performance of the iRepeater over time and to track down potential issues to the exact time and day retrospectively.

Firmware Updates

Firmware on all iRepeaters is kept up to date. With PRO monitoring, Stella Doradus team will be updating your iRepeater remotely.

Purchase the monitoring service from StellaDoradus or your reseller today.