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Stella Doradus

Ofcom Compliant 5G/4G/2G Mobile Signal Booster

A mobile signal booster is an excellent solution for poor indoor mobile signal. A quick Google search brings up a dizzying array of websites selling repeaters. They are all claiming to be Ofcom compliant and adhere to this and that regulation. They even show snapshots of these forms on their homepage desperately  trying to appear as legitimate as possible. However, one must be careful while choosing a phone signal booster. The penalty for violating the Ofcom regulations in the UK is quite severe, with an hefty fine and even imprisonment.

Ofcom compliant signal repeater

To make the choice easier for consumers, Ofcom have recently published a list of mobile signal boosters that meet all of the technical requirements of the Ofcom licence exemption regime.

Stella Doradus is an Irish manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in mobile signal repeaters. All of our repeaters are designed and manufactured in Ireland.
Our Classic R5 is the best choice when it comes to mobile signal repeaters, and is listed on the Ofcom website.

Why choose Classic R5?

5G signal booster

The Classic R5 repeater amplifies the signal from all mobile operators, enabling excellent quality phone calls as well as super fast data speeds throughout the building. No more dropped phone calls, dead zones, buffering videos and slow browsing. The Classic R5 can accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous users. And conveniently, no logins or passwords are required.

The classic R5 is a professional, cost effective solution. It is very affordable and easy to install. For your convenience, we offer WhatsApp technical helpline with our engineers who can assist you during installation.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our signal repeaters. Therefore, we offer a 3 year warranty with all of our repeaters.

When you purchase the Classic R5, you choose an EU manufactured Ofcom compliant repeater that will resolve all your connectivity issues for years to come. As the operators upgrade their networks ( increase data speeds), these improvements will be automatically passed on via the repeater, making the Classic R5 the most future-proofed solution to all your phone calls and data needs.

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