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Office Case Studies

With more than 90% of the world’s population using mobile phones for calls, everyday business, financial transactions, supply chain and manufacturing solutions, it is important to ensure that facilities have access to high quality mobile signal. This allows time saving mobile apps and technologies to function. Enabling fast data transactions improves staff efficiency and customer experience, which in turn attracts more lucrative business.  

Modern buildings, however, are constructed from concrete, steel cladding, triple glazed windows and foil back insulation. All of these materials block the mobile signal from entering the building, even in the city centre and this is noticeable inside most large buildings. 

How do you provide mobile signal in an office?


Ensure that the mobile signal from all operators is amplified

In order to run smoothly and efficiently, modern businesses require mobile signal for a number of very different requirements, including receiving payments via mobile VISA terminals, Google and Apple Pay, e-parking and e-charging stations, mobile shopping apps, QR scanning and simply communicating with colleagues. All of these people and devices use the mobile signal from different operators. It is important that the chosen system amplifies the mobile signal on every device, supporting all operators, so everyone can avail of good quality voice and data on their phone, while working off their own data plan. Stella Doradus supports customers with world leading innovative solutions, designing repeaters that amplify the mobile signal from all operators for 5G, 4G, 3G data, as well as voice and text, throughout Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia. 


Choose a system that amplifies the mobile signal in buildings of all sizes.

As businesses become more focused on energy efficiency, one of the resulting problems is that most large buildings lack indoor mobile signal coverage. This is because modern building materials block the signal from entering the premises. A solution is required that will ensure mobile signal in all areas, deep inside the building, to allow staff and visitors to use their phones and mobile apps at all times. The Stella Repeater Solution is a scalable, modular solution which can be designed and configured to accommodate every sized facility, including leading technology companies, hospitals, government buildings, universities, hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, carparks, factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


Choose a system that supports unlimited numbers of users

Increasingly, businesses hold meetings remotely using virtual platforms. A quality, stable signal is required for these virtual meetings and for simply making business phone calls. It is not acceptable to experience poor quality phone calls when making business deals, or host important meetings and find that the computer screen freezes half way through the session. When choosing a system to provide voice and data to all users and machines, it is essential to choose a system that will not stall when multiple devices use the internet at the same time.

With the Stella Repeater solution, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users. 5G offers lightning fast speeds, allowing thousands of people to use the internet at the same time without suffering from call quality issues or slow internet speeds. This is particularly useful in environments where there is a high number of staff and transient visitors in a facility.


Consider cybersecurity / health and safety

With cyber attacks on the increase, targeting hospitals, financial institutions and manufacturing facilities, it is increasingly important to protect the building's digital infrastructure. The Stella Repeater solution allows buildings to support mobile signal, covering voice, 5G, 4G and 3G to unlimited numbers of people. It enables users to work off their own data plan using the mobile operators’ secure network. This eliminates the cost associated with providing a secure WIFI system and also removes the problem of managing WiFi usernames and passwords.


Choose a sustainable, cost efficient and future proofed solution

By enabling staff to use their phones for work applications, time is saved, payments are taken quickly, fewer staff are needed, less paper is printed, and fewer errors are reported. This allows companies to greatly improve their green footprint for a very small initial input of energy. The Stella iRepeaters amplify the 5G signal from the mobile operators, and network providers offer speeds of up to 200Mb with average data packages. The operators continuously improve their network and their data speeds are increased dramatically year after year. The Stella iRepeater amplifies the signal from the operators, and by installing a Stella iRepeater, the system allows the latest technology from the mobile operators to function. This makes the Stella iRepeater System by far the most professional and future proofed system available.