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For the  highly competitive transport industry to stay ahead, it must avail of the smartest communication technology. It is essential that vehicles have high quality mobile signal to access maps, postcodes and to make phone calls and scan goods on delivery. Vehicles involved in emergency services need stable, high bandwidth internet connection in order to send data back to base as fast as possible.  

However, mobile signal blackspots cause problems for businesses and emergency services. Even in remote regions, it is not acceptable to be without mobile signal as this can in some cases risk lives.

The Stella Doradus RouterAmp ensures cellular signal for routers in cars, vans, trucks, campervans and emergency vehicles.

The RouterAmp - connects directly to the router.


Ensure stable signal in all areas.

Vehicles such as ambulances, police fleets and fire engines need a stable data connection. Whether they are in a valley, up a mountain or near the coast, it is essential that they can continue to send critical data back to base. This applies especially to ambulances, where the speed of data transfer can save lives. It is also important for the police, for sending CCTV images back to the station and for accessing databases. Cellular routers are installed in these vehicles to provide the best signal, but the steel body of the vans, coupled with very weak external mobile signal, often results in data not being sent, with disastrous consequences. Even in weak signal areas, where mobile phone calls are not feasible, by adding 20dBm gain, the Stella RouterAmp amplifies the signal from the operators’ masts, delivering 5G, 4G and 3G signal to the routers and ensuring the fastest, most stable internet speeds available. 


Ensure the system supports high speed routers with multiple SIM’s

In order for vehicles to receive stable, high speed internet connectivity, sophisticated routers with multiple SIM’s are installed in the vehicle. This ensures that all operators are supported in weak signal areas. However, in order to receive the external signal, up to 16 antennas and cables are needed on the roof of the vehicle to cover the 4 operators (in 4X4 MIMO configuration), which is far from ideal. A solution is required that reduces the number of antennas (and therefore cabels) on the roof of the vehicle.

The Stella RouterAmp combines and amplifies the signal to all 4 SIMs, reducing the number of external antennas by up to a factor of 4. In a vehicle where space is at a premium this is very important.


Ensure all operators are supported

The Stella RouterAmp amplifies all operators to ensure that routers with multiple SIMs are covered, delivering the fastest data speeds available. The Stella RouterAmp supports all operators in Europe, the UK, the Middle East Asia and the Americas.

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Stella Support

Pre-Installation Support

Building plans can be uploaded to the Stella Online Planning Tool to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation layout. This helps the installer to provide more accurate quotations as only the required material is purchased, and also saves the installer time when doing the installation. 

Post Installation Management

Stella iRepeater Systems can be fully monitored online using Stella’s cloud based, remote management system. The system can be remotely monitored and calibrated, ensuring it is always performing at the optimum level.

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Stella RouterAmps are compatible with all routers and can support high end routers which have multiple SIMs. The Stella RouterAmp ensures that the best quality signal is delivered to the router while reducing the amount of external cabling and antennas by a quarter.

The Stella RouterAmp runs off mains electricity as standard but can also run off a car battery or solar batteries for stationary vehicles.

The Stella RouterAmp amplifies 6 frequencies including the 700Mhz band for 5G which offers lightning fast speeds. The RouterAmp amplifies the frequencies from the operators (700MHz-2600MHz) and amplifies all services (3G/4G/5G) that are carried over these frequencies. This is a big advantage that the RouterAmp system has over other systems.

The operators continuously upgrade their networks and increase their speeds, and by using the Stella RouterAmp, these improvements will always be available to you.

The RouterAmp can be managed and monitored remotely and automatically re-calibrates to respond to any changes in the external environment.