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Modern factories need high quality mobile signal in order to be competitive, professional and allow cutting edge mobile applications to function. The structure of modern factories include concrete walls with steel cladding and these prevent the mobile signals from entering the building. 

The Stella Repeater System ensures secure reliable mobile signal throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses and factories, despite problems caused by location, expansive floor areas or building materials such as steel and concrete.

What to consider when enabling mobile signal in a manufacturing facility/ warehouse/ factory?


Ensure that the system supports all mobile operators

Phones are used in manufacturing facilities in many areas: from scanning QR codes, quality control, receiving goods into the warehouse, reporting errors in the manufacturing process and simply making urgent phone calls.  By ensuring seamless calls and data throughout the facility, a faster, more efficient flow of information is achieved. A system is required that ensures that all staff and visitors to the facility experience excellent quality voice and data signal, while also ensuring all GSM machines operate smoothly.  StellaDoradus repeaters ensure high quality mobile signal, supporting 5G, 4G, 3G voice and text which is required for equipment and mobile apps to function reliably within the facility.


Choose a system that ensures a Cyber Secure connection

These days, manufacturing facilities are heavily targeted by cyber attacks, second only to financial institutions. These attacks target industrial control systems and operational technology. It is essential that equipment is backed up with a reliable mobile signal connection. A Stella repeater establishes connectivity at all times ensuring a stable signal to all devices.


Choose an Adaptable Modular Solution

Each factory and manufacturing facility has a different footprint. It is important that the coverage solution can be expanded to ensure mobile phone coverage in all required areas. This is an important factor for Health and Safety, especially when working in isolated areas of the factory. If there is an accident on a manufacturing floor or warehouse, it is essential that all staff can communicate quickly to raise the alarm and resolve the situation.

The Stella Repeater System is a passive DAS system that can be expanded to accommodate any shape or size building. With the Stella Online Planning Tool, the installations can be planned prior to starting work, saving time and money.


Choose a system that supports all visitors and Staff

For a facility to maintain a professional image, it is important that visitors to the company can enter the building and seamlessly continue their phone calls and access their mobile apps. With the Stella repeater system, visitors have full signal for 5G, 4G 3G and voice for all operators, and there is no longer the need to manage wifi passwords. Visitors to the facility can work seamlessly off their own data plan.


Ensure a cost effective and future proofed solution

By enabling staff to use their phones for work applications, time is saved, fewer staff are needed, less paper is printed and used, and fewer errors are reported. This allows the company to greatly improve their green footprint for a very small initial input of energy. The Stella iRepeaters amplify the 5G signal from the mobile operators, and network providers offer speeds of up to 200Mb with average data packages. The operators continuously improve their network and their data speeds are increased dramatically year after year. This makes the Stella iRepeater System by far the most cost effective and future proofed system available.

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Stella Support

Pre-Installation Support

Building plans can be uploaded to the Stella Online Planning Tool to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation layout. This helps the installer to provide more accurate quotations as only the required material is purchased, and also saves the installer time when doing the installation. 

Post Installation Management

Stella iRepeater Systems can be fully monitored online using Stella’s cloud based, remote management system. The system can be remotely monitored and calibrated, ensuring it is always performing at the optimum level.

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Manufacturing Success Stories


Stella repeaters are designed, manufactured and tested in Ireland, Europe. We are confident in our product and offer a 3 year standard warranty with optional 5 Year Pro Warranty. 5G offers lightning-fast speeds and the operators continuously improve their network year after year. This ensures the data speeds in your building are future proofed with the Stella Repeater System.

In addition to this, Stella Remote Monitoring is available for iRepeaters. This ensures that your system is constantly monitored and calibrated by Stella engineers.

Stella’s Repeater Solutions support an unlimited number of simultaneous users with voice, 5G, 4G and 3G mobile signal, allowing them to work off their own data plan. The signal is amplified for all of the operators networks and all devices that use the cellular signal, including VISA pay terminals and e-Parking terminals.

Stella repeaters are compatible with all operators and will amplify all mobile signal in Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia and Africa.

Stella offers a scalable solution which can be installed to cover any large indoor space. It is a modular system that can be expanded to cover any sized building. Stella has developed an online planning tool that allows installers to plan and troubleshoot their repeater system layout before installation.

Stella offers a modular scalable repeater solution. This enables customers to achieve zoned coverage, if required.