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Design Services

At StellaDoradus, we have a culture of innovation and a passion for excellence.

We are always striving to be better, and our expert team of engineers are constantly searching for the most innovative solutions to improve mobile connectivity, no matter the complexity of the building and location.  

Many different types of buildings and ships require mobile signal coverage, from sprawling hospitals and campuses, underground car parks, open-plan factories, multi-storey offices, large ships and historic old buildings with thick walls. 

The complexity of installing a repeater system increases for large buildings and ships.

Large buildings and ships can require more than a hundred internal antennas to provide coverage everywhere. This makes planning the installation in advance very important. With a good plan, installers can:

  • Ensure the best possible coverage
  • Avoid costly mistakes  
  • Provide more accurate quotes

Stella offers two platforms to help plan and troubleshoot the installation: StellaPlanner and iBwave


To help installers plan a repeater installation for their specific building needs, StellaDoradus has developed the StellaPlanner. This is a free, online design tool accessible from within the StellaControl platform. 

Building plans can be uploaded to the portal. Antennas can be positioned on the plan to indicate the locations that will provide the best coverage. The tool shows the maximum cable lengths allowed and the repeater system layout can be designed and troubleshooted before the installation.  This saves installers time and money, ensuring that the right materials are ordered for their unique building requirements. 

StellaPlanner is supported by our Stella engineers, who offer expert design advice and support


Using iBwave, Stella Doradus will help in creating internal coverage heat-maps for the building.

These heat maps provide an understanding on how the signal propagates throughout the building.

  • Design the system so as to achieve the best possible coverage.
  • Showcase the system to customers before installation, allowing them to see what is possible.
  • Spot any potential problems in the design before installation.
  • Accurately calculate the required equipment.

All Stella Doradus components are now available in the iBwave Component library which can be found here:

If you already use iBwave, you can  build Stella repeater systems with Stella Doradus’s three main amplifier types.

  1. PreAmps
  2. iRepeaters
  3. iLineAmps

We customise and tailor signal solutions to solve your business connectivity problems.