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Shopping centres are huge sprawling buildings that accommodate a variety of businesses, including retail shops, entertainment and supermarkets as well as large numbers of visitors. Both visitors and staff expect to be able to communicate by mobile phone and they also require access to the internet while they are on the premises. Keeping visitors happy and connected in a shopping centre ensures that they will stay longer and spend more money.

How do you ensure the best mobile signal in a shopping centre?


Ensure the system amplifies the signal from all operators, supports unlimited users, allows shoppers to communicate easily and enables mobile payment systems.

Access to mobile signal enables online payment services like Google and Apple Pay. Mobile payment services have changed the way we transfer money and pay for goods. It has put mobile phones at the centre of all transactions. Cash is disappearing, and even cards are now being replaced by phones. These days, customers simply tap their phone to make a payment. In restaurants and cafes, bills are now split using online services like Revolut.

A Stella Repeater System ensures everyone has access to mobile signal, allowing visitors to spend money and make financial transactions while working off their own data plan. Stella repeaters support an unlimited number of users and offer the highest internet speeds available from the operator, whether it is 5G, 4G, 3G or even GSM


Provide a solution that will amplify mobile signal to connect IOT and Point of Sale equipment

Shopping centres accommodate a variety of businesses including retail, hospitality and entertainment, supermarkets, clothing, cafes, cinemas, hairdressers and bars. These businesses make use of a mixture of IOT (Internet of Things) devices, from VISA terminals to online ordering systems, stock monitoring systems, security, plus a growing number of systems that all require reliable access to the internet to operate normally. It is no longer acceptable to only rely on the WIFI for all these critical systems. Today, it is a requirement to have full mobile signal on the premises to ensure that all systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Stella Doradus repeaters support all of the operators’ networks, distributing their signal throughout the shopping centre. This ensures machines have access to the internet and work properly. The system will not become congested at peak times as can happen with WIFI.


Enable mobile signal in underground carparks

Car parks are constructed from thick concrete and they are usually located underground, beneath the building. This makes it very difficult for mobile signal to penetrate the structure. In fact, they are usually the worst places for mobile signal. Today, it is a requirement to provide mobile signal in the carpark not only for customers and staff to make calls, but also for the increasing number of IOT devices that all require robust mobile signal, such as e-charging stations.

The Stella Repeater System is a modular, scalable system that captures the mobile signal from outside the car park, amplifies it, and distributes it to the desired locations inside the car park.

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Stella Support

Pre-Installation Support

Building plans can be uploaded to the Stella Online Planning Tool to plan and troubleshoot the repeater installation layout. This helps the installer to provide more accurate quotations as only the required material is purchased, and also saves the installer time when doing the installation. 

Post Installation Management

Stella iRepeater Systems can be fully monitored online using Stella’s cloud based, remote management system. The system can be remotely monitored and calibrated, ensuring it is always performing at the optimum level.

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StellaDoradus repeaters operate as a passive DAS system receiving the mobile signal from outside the shopping centre and distributing it inside the building. It is by far the simplest method of providing mobile signal inside a building. The antennas that distribute the signal do not require any electrical energy. This reduces the total energy of the system compared to other solutions, and is therefore the most efficient sustainable solution available.

Shopping centres are built using triple glazed glass, steel and concrete. All of these building materials prevent the mobile signal from entering the structure. As the buildings become more modern, newer and more highly insulated building materials are used, which further block the mobile signal. Stella repeaters solve this problem by capturing the signal from all of the operators’ masts outside the building, and distributing it to the desired locations within the shopping centre.

Stella offers a range of internal antennas, suitable for different spaces inside the building. For large open internal spaces, a yagi antenna is often used. Contact us and we can help you to build a custom solution to suit your needs.

The Stella Repeater System is a modular, scalable system. This allows customers to build a system for a small boutique, or scale up for a full sized multi-level retail outlet. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and we will recommend an appropriate solution.