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Oil and Gas Rig

Oil and Gas Rig Case Studies

Oil and gas offshore rigs represent a fast changing, high risk industrial environment where communication is key. Excellent quality voice calls and high speed data are essential for exchanging real-time information. Every minute of delayed emails or phone calls can result in massive revenue losses. 

Stationary offshore platforms as well as floating barges are often located far out to sea, many kilometres away from a cell tower on the shore. On top of this, the steel external walls of the rigs completely block the mobile signal from entering the vessel. This results in staff being unable to make phone calls or use the internet.


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Why it is important to ensure mobile signal on Offshore Oil & Gas platform


Amplify all operators for all services 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G.

With many cellular devices, and people using different operators and different services, it is essential that the chosen system amplifies all of the mobile operator’s signals. Stella Repeater Solutions amplify all operators for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G,  allowing all modems, cellular devices in the bridge, and staff, to use their phones for up to 40 km from the operators’ masts on land. Rigs are normally located within this distance, and so a Stella Doradus repeater can provide all the voice and data requirements of the rig.


Choose a solution that will provide signal in all areas below deck.

Quality voice and data signal is essential for staff working on rigs. In the modern world, mobile data is used for communicating with family, conducting business and providing entertainment. The steel hull blocks mobile signal, like a Faraday cage and, inside, the vessel consists of narrow corridors and multiple small cabins, with steel walls and doors to the cabins. From the bridge on the top deck, to the engine room deep within the hull of the rig, mobile signal coverage is required. The Stella Repeater System takes the weak external signal from the operator, amplifies it and sends it around the inside of the rig. Internal antennas located in the corridors, cabins, hospital, bridge,  engine room and meeting rooms ensure coverage in all desired areas deep inside the vessel.


Health and Safety

Health and safety policy is of the highest importance when it comes to oil and gas rigs. Excellent quality of phone calls as well as fast data speed ensure seamless communication on the rig between the staff members enabling fast response in case of emergency. Moreover, the strong mobile signal enables seamless information flow from the rig to the headquarters and back. Every minute of delay might result in catastrophic consequences for the staff and the environment.

The StellaDoradus repeaters amplify the mobile signal and ensure full voice call and data coverage throughout the offshore platform. The Stella iRepeaters can be remotely monitored and controlled ensuring the system is continuously working, which gives clients peace of mind.


Future proofed solution, 5G

The Stella iRepeaters amplify the 5G signal from the mobile operators, and network providers offer speeds of up to 200Mb with average data packages. The operators continuously improve their network and their data speeds increase dramatically year after year. 5G is now appearing on several of the lower frequencies, like 700MHz and 2100MHz.

The Stella iRepeater System covers all mobile operators and all frequencies which means that when the operators upgrade their network, the rig will automatically benefit from these upgrades (increases in data speeds). This makes the Stella repeater system by far the most cost effective and future proofed system available.


Cyber Security

These days, industrial facilities are heavily targeted by cyber attacks, second only to financial institutions. These attacks target industrial control systems and operational technology. It is essential that equipment is backed up with a reliable mobile signal connection.

The mobile operators network offers the highest security available. By amplifying the cellular signal with a Stella Doradus repeater system, the connection is automatically fully secure between the user and their operator.