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Stella Doradus
Case Studies

All Together Now Festival, Ireland

“All Together Now” is an outdoor music festival with about 30,000 attendees, hosting great acts such as Underworld and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The concerts passed with great success with a little help from Stella Doradus and the iRepeater.

The Challenge

Mobile services are critical in these festivals, not only for entertainment, health and safety, but also for mobile payments and security. Even though the mobile operators had installed a temporary cell tower in this remote location, there were still blackspots in certain critical areas. With just 2 days to go and the set up nearly completed, the organisers found that there was no mobile signal at the festival entrance where the entry tickets were checked for the party goers. Nowadays all tickets are digital, and so, mobile signal was critically important in this location. They called Stella Doradus to see if we had a solution that could be implemented immediately.

Stella Doradus iRepeater at outdoor festival All Together Now, providing mobile data for scanning tickets.
Ferd holding an iRepeater in front of the accreditation area where coverage was required.

The Solution

After a quick survey and using the iRepeater to test the signal strength for all operators in the area, we decided to install the iRepeater with 3 yagi antennas to cover the desired area. The receive antenna was mounted on an 8mt pole in order to receive the signal from above the trees.

Stella Doradus repeater system at All Together Now festival, amplifying mobile data for party goers.
The receive antenna needed to be high enough to reach above nearby trees.
Stella Doradus mobile signal repeaters at an outdoor music festival.
iRepeater installed in tent. Cable ties are very usefull:)
Stella Doradus antennas amplifying mobile signal at an outdoor music festival.
Three antennas were used to send signal into the required zones. This tent is where digital tickets were checked.

The Result

No delays for visitors entering the festival

When the gates at the ticket entrance opened to the festival goers, they received full signal on their phones for all operators, voice and data. The organisers of the festival were delighted that tickets could be scanned quickly and efficiently for the thousands of people who were arriving at the same time. This ensured good visitor experience and resulted in positive reviews for future concerts.

Full voice and data signal for all party-goers

Visitors were able to use their phones to keep in contact with each other to meet up, as well as use the internet to check the event schedule. They could also use their mobile data for other activates we take for granted, such as uploading photos to social media and ordering taxies.

Easy receipts of payments

Payment for food and social activities could be taken easily with mobile VISA Pay terminals and Apple / Goolge Pay. This saved staff time and encouraged people to spend more money.

Speedy Installation

The organisers were relieved that the installation could be done with such short notice. The installation was completed the same day that they made the phone call requiring help.

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