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Stella Doradus
Case Studies

NH Hotel, UK


NH is an established hotel in the City, the business district of London. So it does not come as a surprise that business travel is the primary purpose of the hotel guests’ booking. NH offers luxurious hotel rooms as well as first class conference rooms that attract a consistent flow of business clients.

The Challenge

Hotel management was eager to bring the hotel bookings to pre-Covid levels by positioning the NH hotel as a number one business accommodation. Strong mobile signal is absolutely crucial for business guests. Being able to communicate via mobile phone, check the emails and stay in touch with the family is of primary importance. Positive online reviews on online platforms such as and TripAdviser drive hotel bookings.  Whilst poor mobile signal in the conference rooms and in the corridors or hotel rooms has a devastating effect on the hotel revenue. Disappointed guests turn to competitors and never come back.

It was noted by the hotel management that certain areas of the hotel had unsatisfactory mobile signal levels.  The guests complained that their phone calls were interrupted and the phones went offline while they were in the meetings. Once they stepped outside the meeting room, they were bombarded by notifications for emails and missed phone calls. 

The management decided to take action and contacted Stella Doradus.

The objective.

The management wanted to make sure that their hotel guests could enjoy strong mobile signal throughout the hotel building. It was of primary concern for the management to keep their guests connected at all times throughout the building. Neither dropped phone calls nor a phone going offline were acceptable from the management point of view.

The Solution

After thorough analysis it was decided to install a Stella Doradus iRepeater system. The iRepeter system is a future proof solution that can accommodate an unlimited number of users. It does not require any login or passwords and it is absolutely secure. The iRepeater successfully amplifies all mobile operators for both higher and lower frequencies. By amplifying higher frequencies the Stella iRepeater system enables super fast data speed, especially 5G. Lower frequencies allow mobile signals to reach deep inside the building. 

The equipment installed in this hotel:

  • 1X iRepeater (Titan series)
  • 4X iLineAmps (Titan series)
  • 32 antennas

The Result

The management at the NH hotel are absolutely thrilled with the result. Now all conference rooms have excellent mobile signal. The guests can attend business meetings and check their emails and notifications at their convenience. They don’t have to leave the meeting in order to receive all the notifications.

Moreover, the guests are now able to comfortably move around the building while having a phone call. The dropped phone call issue was successfully resolved by the iRepeater system.

As a result, the hotel guests truly enjoy their business accommodation. Seamless hotel stay enables positive online reviews as well as positive word of mouth. The NH hotel is delighted with their bookings numbers and the returning business guests.

hotel hallway with many doors

Antenna floor plan for level 3.

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