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Stella Doradus
Case Studies

Netflix Studios, Spain


Netflix Studios is where all the movies and TV shows are made! The largest european production hub is in Tres Cantos, Madrid and it opened the doors in 2019. Since then, the size of the premises doubled, and now includes 10 stages and a state of the art post production studio.

The challenge

Tres Cantos studios employ numerous staff to work on film productions and to manage the premises. It was brought to the management’s attention that, once inside the building, employees and visitors had no mobile signal. The modern structure of the building with concrete walls, steel and triple glazed windows completely blocked mobile signal from entering the premises. As a result, the staff experienced dropped phone calls and had to leave the premises in order to re-connect.

For actors, producers and other celebrities of Hollywood calibre, such a poor level of connectivity is simply unacceptable. 

The management took immediate action and contacted ICODE Consultors, a certified Stella Doradus integration company who have years of experience solving connectivity problems for professional clients of large buildings.

After surveying the building and discussing the requirements of the management at Netflix, ICODE decided to install a Stella Doradus repeater system.

The objective

The management requested a strong mobile signal inside the studios and also in the offices above them. It was important for the film crew to be able to make phone calls and use the internet to conduct business and keep in contact with their agents. It was also essential to have a strong 4G connection throughout the buildings so that celebrities could post on social media such as Tik-Tok, Twitter and Instagram whenever they had a chance to promote a new film or series and create a buzz on social media.

It was also important that excellent mobile signal was available for all other staff too, for health and safety requirements.

The solution

ICODE Consultors designed a tailored solution for Netflix Studios. The Stella Doradus iRepeater system was selected because it:

  • Amplifies all operators.
  • Amplifies 5G/4G/3G and 2G for clear calls and high speed data
  • Provides signal for unlimited numbers of simultaneous users.
  • As the operators make improvements to their networks ( increase 5G data speeds), these improvements will be automatically passed on to the building, ensuring the building is future proofed to the latest technology.

Tres Cantos is a densely built suburb of Madrid with many cell towers around that create “RF noise”. In order to solve this problem the Laser antenna was installed on top of each building. The Laser is a parabolic antenna with a narrow beam designed by Stella Doradus. It is able to strongly reduce the signal from all the other towers whilst increasing the signal from the main, desired tower.

The Yagi antennas are the best solution for premises with high ceilings (12m high) and were installed in the studios to cover the large area. Omnidirectional ceiling antennas were installed discreetly in the offices upstairs.

Equipment installed at Netflix Studios in Madrid, (per building)

  • 1X iR6 repeaters
  • 2X iL6 repeaters
  • 1X Laser antenna
  • 10 internal antennas

Aerial view of the studies. Each building has a Laser antenna on it.

The result

The management was absolutely delighted with the results. All the connectivity issues in Netflix buildings were promptly and professionally resolved. Successful repeater system installation ensured full 5G/4G coverage in each building for each operator. Now all visitors and staff can enjoy seamless phone calls and fast data speed at all times.

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