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Stella Doradus

Laser Antenna

How it works

The Laser is a super narrow, high gain antenna designed specifically for repeater systems. It has a beamwidth of 10deg and gain of 20dBi.

Here is an analogy how the Laser Antenna works:

Imagine you are at a party full of noisy people and you are trying to communicate with your friend across the room. Ideally you would like to lower the volume of all the noisy people whilst at the same time amplifying the voice of your friend. A similar phenomenon is possible with the Laser antenna.

Use Cases:

The Laser is most suited to large, urban centres where there are many cell towers in the vicinity.

One might think that the more cell towers in the vicinity, the better the available signal, but in fact the opposite is the case. The more cell towers, the more noise, and the performance of the repeater will degrade.  The Laser antenna solves this problem. It has a beamwidth of about 10 degrees. This laser-like beamwidth can “select out” the desired cell tower, whilst at the same time attenuating all the other (unwanted) cell towers.

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