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What are taps? What are splitters?

Splitter: A splitter can be used to introduce a second antenna into the system. However, it adds 3.5dB of attenuation to the signal. The effect of this 3.5dB loss is to effectively shorten the cable. Stella specifies that the length of SD400 cable from the repeater to the internal antenna should be no more than […]

What is Passive DAS?

Passive DAS means: Passive Distributed Antenna System. This essentially means that the primary means by which the mobile signal is propagated around the building is through passive elements such as RF cable, splitters and passive antennas, which use no energy at all. This is by far the simplest, most Eco-friendly and cost effective way to […]

What is the advantage of multi-band repeater over a single band repeater?

Carrier Aggregation: The more bands the repeater has, the more carrier aggregation (CA) can take place.  CA is when the operator combines 2 or more frequency bands to provide the user with much higher bandwidth and data speeds. One of the core technologies of 5G, which enables it to perform at these super high speeds, […]

What is MIMO?

MIMO refers to Multiple Input, Multiple Output. It refers to a technology that allows the cellular signal to double or quadruple its bandwidth by utilizing multiple parallel data streams at the same time. It achieves this by using a different polarization for each stream of data. A separate antenna is needed for each stream,  and […]