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What are taps? What are splitters?

Splitter: A splitter can be used to introduce a second antenna into the system. However, it adds 3.5dB of attenuation to the signal. The effect of this 3.5dB loss is to effectively shorten the cable. Stella specifies that the length of SD400 cable from the repeater to the internal antenna should be no more than 35m. However, if a 2 way splitter is introduced, the recommended length is reduced to 20m. If a 3 way splitter is used, the length is reduced again to 15m. A splitter adds the same loss, 3.5dB, to both sides of the split.

Tapper: A tapper (tap), is similar to a splitter in that it allows the cable to be split to install a second antenna. however, the loss is not equal on both sides. Instead, one side experiences a loss of 6dB, whereas the other side experiences a loss of 1.3dB. This can be useful when installing several antennas along the same cable. The taps can equalize the signal power to all the antennas, ensuring that the last antenna on the line still has enough power to be effective.