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How many people and how much equipment can the system support?

The mobile signal from the operator supports hundreds of simultaneous users and 5G offers lightning fast data speeds. Therefore with the Stella Repeater Solution, all users will experience clear voice calls and super fast data when multiple people use data, just as they do in a good signal area. All devices that use the cellular […]

I need a reliable system that won’t fail when customers want to pay.

The Stella repeater amplifies the signal from the mobile operators which is the most reliable signal available. In the unlikely event that the signal from one operator’s mast goes down, the antenna will simply receive the signal from the next mast, just as a mobile phone would do. The Stella repeater does not alter the […]

The car park is very large. Can the Stella system cover all areas?

The Stella Repeater Solution is a modular scalable system that can be adapted to suit any sized area. For car parks with long aisles, low frequency option repeaters are used, coupled with narrow, focused beam antennas to ensure the signal travels as far as possible.

Is the Stella RouterAmp system future proofed?

The Stella RouterAmp amplifies 6 frequencies including the 700Mhz band for 5G which offers lightning fast speeds. The RouterAmp amplifies the frequencies from the operators (700MHz-2600MHz) and amplifies all services (3G/4G/5G) that are carried over these frequencies. This is a big advantage that the RouterAmp system has over other systems. The operators continuously upgrade their […]

Can multiple people use their phones at the same time for gaming and voice calls?

Yes. The Stella Home repeater supports unlimited numbers of people in your home with internet and phone signal, allowing kids to play video game while you browse the internet and check emails. 5G offers lightning fast speeds and the operators continuously improve their network year after year. This ensures the data speeds in your house […]