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Will the repeater cover upstairs and downstairs in my home?

The signal from the StellaHome repeaters passes through wood and internal partition walls in the house. However, if your internal walls or floors are concrete, the signal will bounce off the walls and pass through the doors. In this case, a second antenna can be added to cover the upstairs of the house. One antenna […]

I operate a busy working environment. Does the installation take long?

The Repeater System is a simple, most cost effective way to enable mobile signal within the office. The external antenna receives the signal from the operators from outside, and amplifies and distributes the signal throughout the building in all desired areas. The Stella Online Planning Tool is available to installers to help plan the layout. […]

Can you enable mobile signal in a large complex or building?

The repeater is a modular system that can be scaled to accommodate any sized building over multiple floors and in basements. Antennas can be placed in all areas where signal is needed, including underground car parks. All devices that use the cellular signal will be amplified including mobile phones, e-charging terminals, e-pay stations, VISA payment […]

Is the solution cost effective and energy efficient?

With the Stella Repeater system, passive elements such as the internal antennas and spitters are used to distribute the signal throughout the building. This is the most simple, energy efficient and cost effective way to bring mobile signal into a building.

Is a Stella Doradus repeater system expensive to run?

Stella Doradus repeaters operate as a passive DAS system receiving the mobile signal from outside the shopping centre and distributing it inside the building. It is by far the simplest method of providing mobile signal inside a building. The antennas that distribute the signal do not require any electrical energy. This reduces the total energy […]

Why is mobile signal so poor inside my shopping centre?

Shopping centres are built using triple glazed glass, steel and concrete. All of these building materials prevent the mobile signal from entering the structure. As the buildings become more modern, newer and more highly insulated building materials are used, which further block the mobile signal. Stella repeaters solve this problem by capturing the signal from […]