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Why do I lose mobile phone signal indoors?

The farther away from the base station, the weaker the signal. Furthermore, hills, trees, walls, metal foil insulation and triple glazed windows in buildings all reduce mobile signal to differing degrees.

What frequency repeater do I need?

For homes, we recommend at least a dual band repeater, (LG, GD or GW). Choose from the StellaHome range of repeaters. For businesses, we recommend a 3 , 5 or 6 band repeater. Choose from the StellaOffice family of repeaters, or an iRepeater. Please contact us to find out exactly which repeater option is best […]

What are the best signal analyzers (best tools) for repeater installations?

TTI PSA analyzer. This is the best tool for repeater installations and allows for very professional installations. CAT – Cable Analyzer Tool – All cables can be tested to ensure no faults. The mobile signal can be analysed to see how it propagates in the building. Samsung Galaxy phones (one for each operator), with the […]