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5G Broadband Repeater

5G is becoming an increasingly important part of the mobile network infrastructure. With 5G, users can expect:

Low Latency

4G has around 20-50 millisecond signal delay whereas 5G can have as little as 1 millisecond delay. For example, the lower the latency the quicker your webpages load.

Greater Speeds

5G offers much faster speeds
compared to 4G. Expect speeds in the GB/s range as opposed to the MB/s range.

More Bandwidth

Bandwidth can be imagined as the amount of parallel data steams. The more streams available, the more users can access the data at the same time. The massive bandwidth of 5G allow it to handle the heavy data demands of today.

Stella Repeaters enable 5G

The iRepeater – the only broadband repeater to support 5G

Amplify 5G,4G,3G, voice and text mobile signal.

Note: 5G is transmitted at 700MHz in most EU countries. Increasingly it is being transmitted at 2100MHz also. Please check whether your operator transmits 5G at these frequencies.