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5G Broadband Repeater

5G is becoming an increasingly important part of the mobile network infrastructure. With 5G, users can expect:

Low Latency
4G has a 20-50 millisecond signal delay whereas 5G can have as little as 1 millisecond delay.
Greater Speeds

5G offers much faster speeds compared to 4G

Expect potential speeds in excess of 500Mb/s

More Bandwidth

Bandwidth can be imagined as the amount of parallel data steams. The more streams available, the more users can access the data at the same time. The massive bandwidth of 5G allows it to handle the heavy data demands of today.

Low band Frequencies where 5G is available

5G is available at 700MHz in many EU countries, and now 5G is appearing  at 2100MHz in some EU countries. We expect 5G will be transmitted at even more of the lower bands in due course, just as has happened with 3G and 4G in the past. It is very much in the interest of the operators to do so as 5G uses the spectrum much more efficiently.
Stella offer repeaters that boost both 700MHz and 2100MHz.

Carrier aggregation

The more bands you have, the more carrier aggregation (CA) can take place.  CA is when the operator combines 2 or more frequency bands to provide the user with much higher bandwidth and data speeds. One of the core technologies of 5G is CA.
Stella multiband repeaters all allow CA.

New low band spectrum

1500MHz, 2300MHz plus other spectrum is now becoming available for 5G.
New Stella products will support these new frequencies.