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Why to choose a 6 band repeater instead of a repeater with 3, 4 or 5 frequencies?

Before installing a repeater system, an installer has to choose the right type of repeaters. Should the installer choose a 3, 4, 5 or 6 band repeater?

An installer has to meet all customer’s connectivity needs. The fast changing mobile signal environment makes it even harder to come up with the solution that will keep clients happy for years to come. 

However, it can be a false economy to choose a repeater with fewer frequencies. While it will reduce cost, it may also reduce performance considerably.

Future proof solution

StellaDoradus offers a wide range of repeaters that successfully resolve customers’ signal issues even in the case of the most challenging installations. 

We recommend choosing a repeater that amplifies all European frequencies 700, 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600Mhz. This will ensure the fastest data speeds from all operators and will also ensure that the building is future proofed. As the operators improve their networks, the building will automatically receive these upgrades.

Our iR6 iRepeater is the best choice. By choosing the iR6, the installation will be far simpler and future proofed. 

No more “dead” mobile signal zones

Let’s have a look at common issues that occur in large buildings.

A very common problem in large office buildings is “dead” mobile signal zones. That’s when users experience dropped phone calls while walking inside the building. Business deals and negotiations often happen over the phone while managers walk from one conference room to another. Therefore lost mobile signal can be very damaging to the business. 

Another common complaint is a user’s phone becoming disconnected when placed into one’s pocket. The phone’s antenna is attenuated greatly when placed up against the human body.  When the user then checks her phone she is bombarded by messages and notifications of missed phone calls.

Our iR6 iRepeater helps to prevent “dead” zones inside clients’ buildings by successfully amplifying lower frequencies. The 700MHz band is essential for covering all areas of the building because this low frequency travels deeper than the higher frequencies. 700MHz ensures better mobile signal propagation inside the building. Only the 6 band iR6 iRepeater  amplifies the 700MHz lower frequency band.

Unprecedented demand for 5G

Another factor the installer should keep in mind is the rapid 5G rollout across Europe. With 5G, mobile operators are able to achieve an unprecedented internet speed of 1 terabyte per second! Needless to say such speed is in high demand in our data-driven world with primary focus on making video calls and streaming videos. These super fast speeds are achieved using the higher frequencies, such as 2100MHz and 2600MHz, where there is more bandwidth available, and also by combining several frequencies together at the same time. This is called carrier aggregation (CA).

According to the average monthly data use per smartphone worldwide amounted to 11.4 gigabytes (GB) in 2021. The forecast predicts that it will increase four times and reach 41 GB in 2027. 

Our iR6 iRepeater can successfully meet such unprecedented demand for 5G by amplifying both lower and higher frequencies. The low frequencies (700MHz) are essential for covering all areas inside the building while the high frequencies are essential for the extremely fast data speeds (2100MHz and 2600MHz).

Additionally, with our online remote management system StellaControl, installers are able to monitor and control all our network connected devices (iRepeaters, iLineAmps). This way installers can resolve most issues remotely, often saving a trip to the building.


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