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Stella Doradus

Why is my mobile signal so bad?

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to live in a city with state-of-the-art 4G, with limited interruptions and great call quality. For the rest of us, call quality and data congestion can be an issue.

You might be asking: Why is my mobile signal so bad?  There are several reasons for this.

1) In rural areas, streaming a video is often nearly impossible due to poor mobile signal.


2) Structure Interference: thick cement walls and K-glass create impediments to a proper signal. Even the foil backed insulation in modern buildings blocks signal completely. This is a frustrating problem for business owners using mobile phones inside their place of business.

k glass

3)The geographic terrain is harder to overcome, and hills and large trees are less easy to avoid. Tress with leaves on in summer time are especially problematic.

5)Congestion on the  network: As more and more people demand data services from the nearby tower, so too will that service diminish in quality. Your data speeds will be throttled as more people demand access.

iphone 4G shadow

6)It’s Your Phone: Newer phones focus on a compact profile. As a result, they have smaller, flat antennas with much less power than the older style omni antennas.

How can I solve this problem?

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Mobile Signal Repeaters: These devices require an external antenna on your house to receive the signal and amplify it around your house.

yagi_sq 58 SD21
Buy a High Gain Antenna: You can place a high gain antenna on your roof of the building and connect a coaxial cable directly from this antenna to the hidden antenna behind the cover on most smartphones using an antenna pad. However, this would turn your “mobile” phone into a “fixed location” phone.

Change providers: A different provider to your current one may have better coverage in your area.


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