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Stella Doradus

Designed and manufactured in Europe

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Solving Signal Connectivity

For 30 years, StellaDoradus have been designing and delivering market-leading and technologically superior, broadband repeaters.

Our high-performance signal repeaters are built to exacting standards, ensuring optimal quality, scalability, and signal connectivity, regardless of the complexity of your business or home environment.

As the first and only manufacturer of approved wideband repeaters in Europe, our dedication to providing you with genuine, reliable, and durable solutions is unrivalled.

Key Benefits

Stella Doradus delivers best-in-class signal repeaters


Amplifying mobile signal for all operators at the same time.

Network Safe

Amplifies all mobile operator networks and frequencies; GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G

European Made

Designed and manufactured in Ireland by our team of expert engineers

3-year Guarantee

5 year warranty available with Pro-Monitoring

Fully Compliant

to European R.E.D regulations. Passes all E.S.T.I tests. ComReg approved.

Trusted Network

of experienced distributors and professional installers across Europe, UAE, and Asia.

5G Compatible

Delivering fast download speeds with low latency and more bandwidth.

4G has a 20-50 millisecond signal delay whereas 5G can have as little as 1 millisecond delay.

5G offers much faster speeds, compared to 4G
Expect speeds in the GB/s range as opposed to the MB/s range.

Bandwidth can be imagined as the amount of parallel data steams. The more streams available, the more users can access the data at the same time. The massive bandwidth of 5G allows it to handle the heavy data demand of today.

Our Products

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Stella Doradus

Amplifying Your World

Engineering Expertise

For 30 years, Stella Doradus has designed and delivered market-leading and technologically superior wideband broadband repeaters. Our engineering process allows for full control over all software and components used. We never compromise on quality.

Customer Focused

Our dedication and commitment to providing genuine, reliable, and durable solutions is unrivaled. Our customers and large distributor and professional installers network trust us to deliver high-quality, premium repeaters across Europe, UAE, and Asia.


The FIRST and ONLY manufacturer of approved wideband repeaters in Europe. Our products are ComReg approved and fully compliant with European R.E.D regulations and pass all E.S.T.I tests. Each repeater is rigorously tested before leaving our manufacturing site in Ireland.

Monitoring Systems

At Stella Doradus, we have a culture of innovation and are always striving to be better. We offer Stellacontrol, the next generation of advanced remote monitoring systems - cloud-connected and controlled - allowing for real-time monitoring and control.

We customise and tailor signal solutions to solve your business connectivity problems.