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Professional Mobile Repeater Installations – Best Service For The Best Price

Why pay for the best mobile repeater and installation service instead of the cheapest price?

Let’s all agree that we all enjoy paying less for more. Why pay a higher price if you can get a cheaper brand or a cheaper service? Yes, you are absolutely right. But sometimes it is a good idea to invest into a higher quality product so it serves you for years and years to come. This is certainly the case for mobile repeater systems for large buildings and offices, where multiple users on different networks require clear voice and high-speed data on their phones, as they work in, or visit the building.

As with most products on the market, you might find a cheaper alternative to a StellaDoradus repeater system. However, it is very important to know that there are downsides to these alternatives.
Why do we advise against installing a sub-standard system? Here are a few facts to consider before you decide on which repeater system suits you.

Firstly, repeaters that are manufactured in Asia can cause interferences on the operator’s network and if this happens you will be asked to remove the whole system and you may be fined. Remember that there are very strict EU laws when it comes to RF communications. 

Secondly, there are many substandard repeaters on the market, mostly of Asian origin. These cheaper repeaters, along with inexperienced installers who are not professionally trained, can result in a building that continues to have call quality problems and slow data speeds. Antennas installed in bad areas, insufficient numbers of internal antennas, cables not terminated correctly and no site survey done to determine the optimum position for the external antenna, are some of the issues that are commonly found. Trying to fix a building that has a poor quality repeater installation is very expensive and labour intensive.

Thirdly, mobile operators use different frequencies in different areas. For example, 4G is normally at 800Mhz in the countryside and 1800Mhz in the city. However, 4G can also be at 1800Mhz in rural areas, and if you install a repeater system that only amplified 4G at 800Mhz, then the phones will try to stay on 1800Mhz and the system won’t work. It would be a real headache to have to upgrade the system after the installation is done.

In order for you to avoid all these issues, we offer StellaDoradus repeater systems for buildings of all sizes. The StellaDoradus repeater system has a 6 band amplifier which amplifies all the operators for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G for voice and data. Operators often change the service that they use for a certain frequency. For example, 2100Mhz is traditionally used by the operators for 3G, but in many areas, it is now often used for 5G. By amplifying all 6 frequencies, this future proofs the signal in the building. As the operators use different frequencies for 5G, all these frequencies will already be amplified by your repeater. Moreover, all our repeaters are EU compliant and 100% legal. Our company has an extended network of trusted distributors and installers throughout the world. 

Professional Site Survey Service.

Professional site survey by StellaDoradus engineers

For your convenience our Stella Engineers team offers a professional site survey service where they visit the building with their own specialised network analyser test equipment StellaDoradus Test Tool

Professional site survey service includes:

Study of the external signal to find signal levels and location of all the operators masts.
Study of current interior signals
External antenna position.
Position and type of internal antennas
Loose installation with 1 antenna.
Demonstration of the system in the building, turned on and off.

All of this ensures that the installation will be done smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the staff and with the best possible result that is future proofed.

Additionally, we offer post-installation continuous support through our own StellaControl monitoring platform. This way your signal repeaters can be remotely monitored and controlled to ensure they are working optimally.  Amongst our happy clients we have corporations such as JCB, Netflix Studios, Sony and many more. 

You might be pleasantly surprised by our standard warranty of 3 years, with the option of Pro-monitoring, in which case the warranty is increased from 3 to 5 years.

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