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Are all repeaters the same?

No. The two defining parameters of a repeater are its frequency and coverage capability. The operators use different frequencies for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, and buildings vary hugely with regard to size and location. Here, at Stella Doradus, we have designed a complete range of repeaters, with signal coverage solutions to suit every budget […]

What is the difference between a signal booster and a repeater?

While the terms “booster” and “repeater” are sometimes used interchangeably, there are important technical differences between the two. A booster is a device that simply amplifies a signal it receives and re-transmits it. There is typically no filtering or interference control in the device. Such devices are usually sourced at low cost through on-line markets. […]

Are StellaDoradus repeaters fully compliant with EU regulations?

Yes. Our broadband repeaters are the only legal repeaters available in the EU. Our repeaters have enhanced features that makes them pass all the required European Radio Equipment Directives, (RED). Technically, you still need permission from your mobile operator to use repeaters, but from a legal and regulatory standpoint, these new repeaters are permitted for […]

Will Stella Repeaters work for 5G?

Yes, the latest products from Stella that amplify the 700MHz band (B28) support 5G. The iR6 is one such product. Furthermore, the future looks bright for owners of Stella repeaters. 5G is now starting to appear at 2100MHz also. This means that if you already have a repeater that amplifies 2100MHz, then very soon, you […]