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Sony Offices, Paris

Sony Offices Paris

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The Sony offices occupy 6 floors of this multi-storey building located in the prestigious area of La Defense, Paris. This state-of-the-art building boasts bright, open plan offices, a canteen and spacious meeting rooms. The glass and steel building is a suitably prestigious one for the headquarters of this Japanese giant.

The Challenge

In spite of the plush interior, the building had a major flaw for operating day to day business in the modern world. Although located in the centre of Paris with hundreds of mobile operator’s masts in the surrounding area, and super-fast 5G speeds outside the building, the phone signal disappeared as soon as staff and clients entered the building. The high-quality building materials, including triple glazed windows, steel and concrete, blocked all mobile signal from entering.

The management realised that this was unacceptable for a technology giant and contacted Topsat, a certified Stella Doradus Integrator who has many years of experience installing mobile signal solutions.

The Solution

After surveying the building, Topsat decided that the Stella DAS 5 frequency repeater system would be the most suitable system to provide all users with voice signal and super-fast data, 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G. One of the reasons Topsat chose the Stella system was because with the Stella repeater, one device amplifies all operators (with other repeaters, a separate system is required for each operator). Another deciding factor was the fact that they had done many large installations with the Stella Equipment and were confident with the reliability of the equipment, the stability of the amplified signal and the ease of the installation.

In order to cover the 6 floors of the building, 21x antennas were installed.

Stella Doradus antenna solving mobile signal problems in Sony offices.

The installation consists of:

  • 1x Outdoor Yagi antenna.
  • 1x Stella iRepeater.
  • 5x Stella LED LineAmps.
  • 21x omni-directional Stella antennas.
Stella Doradus antenna installed in offices to ensure super fast mobile data speeds.

“Full coverage throughout the building. Another successful installation with Stella repeaters”

Fabrice Bessiere, Topsat

The Result

Full mobile signal in the building. All staff and visitors can now walk throughout the 6 storeys of the building and experience the super-fast 5G and 4G data speeds, as well as clear voice calls, while using their own phones on their own data plan.

Discrete installation. In this prestigious building, the management wanted assurance that the visual impact of the equipment was minimal. As such, the antennas were discretely installed in the false ceilings to ensure the sleek interior was maintained.

The installation was carried out with minimal disruption to the staff. The positioning of antennas and cables was planned in advance using the online Stella Planning tool. This saved time and minimised discrepancies in cable lengths and cable routing.

Future Proofed Solution. An important factor for Sony was that the equipment would not become redundant over time. They were delighted to hear that as the operators continuously upgrade their networks and increase their data speeds and capacity, the office would experience these upgrades too, as the Stella Repeater System amplifies the operators’ signal. This ensures that the system is the most future proofed solution.

Low management. The system does not require passwords and other maintenance associated with WiFi systems, as staff and visitors work of their own data plan with their chosen operators.


All mobile services were successfully provided throughout 6 floors of the building for all French mobile operators. Management were very satisfied with the result.

Stella Doradus outdoor antenna installed on the roof of the Sony building in France to amplify mobile signal inside.
Left: Outdoor Yagi antenna. Middle: 2X Stella LineAmps providing coverage in office zone (right). There are 3 more Stella LineAmps installed in another service room.

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