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Case Studies

Leclerc, France


E.Leclerc is a brand of large shopping centers that sell a wide range of products: groceries, clothes, electronics, pharmaceuticals and DIY.  There are more than 700 outlets throughout France.

This particular E.Leclerc shopping centre is 135x50m long and is located in Soustons, south of France.

The challenges.

Although the mobile signal quality was excellent outside this store, clients found that as soon as they entered the shop, the signal disappeared and they were unable to use data or make phone calls. This is due to the modern construction of these buildings. The double glazed windows and  steel and concrete walls completely block the mobile signal from entering. The low signal was causing long queues at the cashiers desks, which was a huge deterrent to shoppers.  Management at E.Leclerc realised this was unacceptable in a modern shopping centre and was causing them to lose sales. They reached out to Topsat, a trusted Stella Doradus integrator who has years of experience doing mobile repeater installations in many different types of buildings, to solve their communication problems.

The objective.

E.Leclerc wanted customers to be able to access mobile data within their stores so that they could avail of deals and bargains on the E.Leclerc shopping app. They also required good mobile signal at the cashiers desks for taking payments, as well as covering health and safety concerns for both customers and staff members. A system was required that would amplify the mobile signal of all operators, to ensure the signal was amplified for all customers and GSM devices in the store. 

The solution.

After consulting with management, Topsat decided to install a Stella Doradus iRepeater system. The iRepeater system amplifies all operators: SFR, Bouygues, Orange and Free for voice calls and fast data: 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G. 

Operators tower on a map

Implementation steps.

  1. Firstly the location of the operators was checked on the website. At this premises all of the operators were located on a mast in the same direction – North East. This ensured that the installation would be easy. An external Yagi antenna was installed on the roof, orientated in this direction.
  2. An iRepeater was installed in the communications room as the main repeater. This allows peace of mind for E.Leclerc as the system can be monitored remotely 24/7 by Stella Doradus, ensuring optimum performance at all times.
  3. The ceilings are 8m high. For maximum coverage, 3 LineAmps were installed down the center aisle with 6 pairs of Yagi antennas installed every 20m and pointing left and right. The Yagi antennas were installed discreetly in the ceiling and orientated 30deg downwards for best coverage.
  4. In addition, 2 more LineAmps with 7 omni antennas were installed to cover the cashiers desks ensuring customers could use the shopping App at the till and payments could be taken speedily. The antennas were installed away from the lights and fans, to prevent signal disturbances.

The ceiling height at the cashiers desk was 5m.

Yagi orientation

Installation time: Evening work. 4 nights. 2 men.

Time was of the essence with this installation. It was done at night time to ensure minimal disruption to the shop. The Test Tool was therefore essential.

The equipment installed for this shopping centre was

  • 1 external Yagi antennas
  • 1 iR6 Repeater
  • 5 Line Amps 5 band. Model: SD-LA-VLGDW-4
  • 12 internal Yagi antennas. Model: YAGI6ANT
  • 7 omni ceiling antennas. Model: CEILING6ANT
  • SD400 low loss cable 
  • Tappers + Splitters 

The result:

The Management are delighted with the result. From virtually no signal at all in the store, they now have speeds of more than 30Mb for all 4 operators. Staff and customers can make clear voice calls. The E.Leclerc shopping app is working smoothly, and there are no delays at the cashier’s desks, as payment transactions are made swiftly and smoothly. 

This super result saves the shopping centre money as staff can work more productively, processing clients purchases without delays. Customers enjoy a positive shopping experience encouraging them to stay longer and spend more money. Management were also pleased that health and safety requirements are now satisfied.

Omni antennas placement
Speed Test
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