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Stella Doradus
Case Studies

Golf Clubhouse, Austria

Location : Golf Club in Bauvorhaben, Austria 

Installation Company: Repeater24

The Challenge

The golf club, located in Bauvorhaben was a large modern clubhouse on a popular, scenic golf course. Visitors to the course expected to be able to make phone calls and use the internet in the clubhouse, but modern building materials, including double glazing and insulation, prevented the signal from the operators from passing into the clubhouse, resulting in poor to non-existent mobile signal inside the building. The weak mobile signal not only negatively affected visitor experience, it also impacted on staff who were unable to communicate with each other or take mobile payments as they moved throughout the 5 floors of the building. 

Repeater 24 visited the facility and identified a number of challenges to be addressed.

  1. The building was 5 stories high and required a system that could distribute the signal throughout the whole building.
  2. A low management system was required that would support all of the operators’ signals and allow each visitor to the building to to use their mobile phone. A system that allowed customers access high speed internet on their phone. This would allow customers to continue working and access emails and other apps when in the clubhouse, encouraging them to stay longer and spend more money.
  3. There were payment terminals on site which required good mobile signal to ensure they worked speedily.

The Solution

Repeater 24 assessed all of the challenges and recommended that the clubhouse install a StellaDoradus iRepeater solution. 

The Stella iRepeater Solution is a modular system that can be built to accommodate any sized or shaped building. Repeater24 were able to map and troubleshoot what would be required prior to installation. They used their expertise to determine that the golf course required 1 iRepeater, 11 Line amps and multiple antennas to distribute the signal throughout the 5 floors. The 5 band repeater was chosen, which amplifies all operators for voice, as well as 3G and 4G high speed mobile data.

The Results

“Another satisfied client. Installation went very smoothly.”


Mobile phone access throughout the building for all visitors and staff

Full voice signal, plus 4G and 3G data is now available throughout the building. This allows all visitors and staff to communicate easily, eliminating dropped calls and signal blackspots. With the introduction of mobile phone related payment systems like google pay, apple pay and Revolute, the golf course finds that enabling mobile signal has transformed the clubhouse, bringing it up to a high, contemporary standard. The improvements are not only felt in user experience, but are also important from a financial point of view, saving staff time by allowing them to take payments speedily, and increasing revenue from customers who stay longer and spend more money.

Professional low impact installation. 

Repeater24 carried out a neat, professional installation, where the antennas had a low visual impact on the building but made a huge difference to the experience of everyone, allowing the facility to operate in a modern, professional manner. 

High speed internet access for all visitors and staff without WiFi management.

The Stella Repeater System supports all operators in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. All visitors and staff now experience good quality voice calls in the clubhouse as well as high speed internet. The system allows everyone to work off their own individual data plan, eliminating the problem of managing usernames and passwords which are associated with WiFi systems.

Low cost, low energy consumption, sustainable system in place.

The Stella Repeater System operates as a passive DAS system. The repeater uses the equivalent of a lightbulb to run and the antennas use no energy. Once installed the system enables clear quality voice calls and high speed data virtually cost free. 

Future proof system 

The operators continuously upgrade their network to provide the fastest data speeds to keep up to date with modern data consumption needs. Therefore, enabling the operators’ mobile signal in the building with a Stella Doradus Repeater system ensures this system is the most future-proofed system available.

Clients can avail of online monitoring with the Stella iRepeaters which allows the installer to monitor the repeater remotely and ensures peace of mind to the client that the system is running optimally at all times.

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