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Why One Should Choose an Ofcom Compliant Signal Booster.

Modern buildings are designed with highly insulating materials, such as triple glazed windows and steel and concrete walls. There is a lot of pressure to reduce our carbon footprint for a greener environment, and these materials successfully decrease the energy required for heating and air conditioning homes and offices. But these highly insulating materials also block the mobile signal from entering the buildings, resulting in visitors and staff being unable to use their phones when they are inside. Nowadays people increasingly rely on their phones to conduct business and provide entertainment, so this lack of signal in buildings where we spend most of our life, is not acceptable.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem. Mobile signal repeaters amplify the signal from the operators and pass it inside buildings of all sizes, ensuring full 5G, 4G signal to all users. 

However, only repeaters that are fully compliant to the UK Ofcom regulations are legal to install. This is because inferior quality repeaters cause interferences on the operator’s network. These cheap quality repeaters cause a drastic degradation of the operator’s signal over large distances – many miles. The more poor quality repeaters are installed, the worse the problem for all users.

As a result, there are very strict regulations concerning the use of repeaters, and installing a non-compliant repeater is illegal in the UK.

Why the installation of illegal signal boosters is a bad idea?

1. Against the law.

The Ofcom regulations in the UK are very strict. The use of illegal mobile signal repeaters is against the law in the UK. The punishment for installing illegal repeaters includes a hefty fine and, in some cases, imprisonment.

2. Noise.

The regulations are so strict because inferior quality repeaters transmit a lot of power, continuously, 24 hours a day. With no output power control circuitry, these signal boosters force the operator’s cell tower to concentrate only on this powerful signal and ignore the other cell phone users in the area. This alerts the operators who immediately contact Ofcom. The Ofcom regulators then track down the illegal signal booster, which is easy to locate due to its continuous high power output.

3. Short life span.

In order to keep the manufacturing costs down, illegal signal boosters are manufactured with cheap components. This results in a limited life span of the product.

3. Not European.

These companies heavily invest in their online presence to try to appear European. However, in reality none of them are located in Europe. Any issues with refunds, import duties, warranty or installation problems will prove to be impossible to resolve for the customer.

4. Poor Performance.

The poor quality of cheap illegal repeaters negatively affects the quality of phone calls. Dropped phone calls, slow data speeds and dead signal zones may be a recurring issue for your business. This may result in staff and visitors having to rush outside to get their signal back while trying to conduct business.

5. No consequences for the manufacturer.

Since the manufacturers of illegal boosters are registered overseas, in China or Korea, there are no legal consequences for their management when they sell illegal repeaters in the UK.

6. False economy.

For large or complex installations, bespoke solutions are not available with cheap illegal mobile signal boosters. You will not be able to contact their customer support or return the product. As a result, it will turn out to be a complete waste of money.

Why install Ofcom Compliant Signal Booster?

Stella Doradus strongly recommends installing only Ofcom compliant signal boosters. For your convenience, Ofcom recently published a list of compliant mobile repeaters that includes our Classic R5, the only European manufactured repeater. The Classic R5 successfully meets all the technical requirements of the Ofcom licence exemption regime.

Stella Doradus is an Irish manufacturing company with over 20 years of expertise in the design of mobile signal repeaters. We design and manufacture all of our products in Ireland to the highest European standards. All of our repeaters come with 3 year warranty.

The Stella Doradus repeater system is suitable for buildings of all sizes. The Classic R5 amplifies the 5G/4G/3G/2G mobile signal from all mobile operators enabling the fastest data speed available. Unlike with Wi-Fi systems, the Stella Doradus repeater system is fully secure. No log-in or passwords are required, and it can accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous users with super fast speeds. Because the Classic R5 amplifies 5 frequencies, it ensures that when the operators make improvements to their network (increase data speeds), these improvements will automatically be passed on to the building via the Classic R5, ensuring it is the most future proofed technology for providing high speed data and clear quality phone calls is in your building.

Over the years Stella Doradus has built up a network of trusted and trained installers to ensure every installation is carried out to the highest standard.

For your convenience, Stella Doradus has a WhatsApp technical helpline with our engineers to assist you during the installation, as well as answer all of your technical questions at any time.


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