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Stella Doradus

Why is it Important to Have Reliable Network Coverage?

In the modern day and age, our social and business lives are centred around mobile communication, whether that be through mobile internet, calls, or text messaging. However, there is a downside to the information revolution and that is the need to always be connected.

A lack of a solid, reliable signal can render simple tasks on your mobile device, such as checking emails, text messages, or even making a call virtually impossible. Many users will fall back on the fact that they may have access to a Wi-Fi signal and connect to the internet in this manner, although this is a far from an ideal solution.

If I can’t get any signal, I can connect to Wi-Fi. Right?

Connecting through Wi-Fi is not the same as being connected through a mobile signal, which means only half of the features of your mobile phone will be usable. Internet services will work great, but services that rely on GSM or LTE protocols, such as voice calls and SMS, will still be rendered useless.

In the worst case scenario, where there is not a reliable mobile network signal or a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to, you will be uncontactable.

Being uncontactable is bad for business

Working professionals need to be contactable at all times throughout the working day. Business and industry have evolved to create a working environment where the exchange of information and data is vital – this has to happen efficiently, without technology failing. Missing an important call, text or email can result in leads being lost to competitors, deals falling through, and unsatisfied customers, which are all things businesses want to avoid.

However, this problem occurs every single day, especially on the UK’s important travel routes.

A recent Ofcom report issued on 24/10/2013 has highlighted that only 76% of UK motorways receive a 3G mobile signal from all network providers. Essentially, this means that for many people, it is complete luck whether they are contactable when driving on the UK’s largest road network. Furthermore, around 23% of the UK is without any 3G signal from any mobile provider. Clearly then, the UK is still a long way away from receiving constant, reliable coverage.

Quality mobile repeaters can ensure you remain connected to mobile networks

It is important to remain connected to a solid mobile signal at all times. Nowadays, business is not just confined to the office. Therefore it is important to have excellent mobile coverage across the board, regardless of whether you are on the move or stationary. Now, whilst this is not always possible through the use of mobile devices on their own, practical solutions do exist:

  • StellaDrive is a fuss-free car mobile repeater that will help keep you connected when travelling on roads.
  • StellaOffice is the perfect solution for office spaces and business centres that usually suffer with poor mobile signal, which is normally caused by their size and materials used in their construction blocking mobile signal.

Finally, for connection issues at home, StellaHome offers a reliable fix.

Ofcom Infrastructure Report, 2013 Update, 24/10/2013,

Ofcom Infrastructure Report, 2013 Update, 24/10/2013,


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