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What to do if you need to amplify the mobile signal for a whole village

Little by little, the beautiful villages of rural Spain are gradually becoming more and depopulated and deserted. Sometimes, this is because young people need to look for work in areas other than the farming and agriculture their parents were involved in. However, another reason may be the comforts that a city can offer them – among which we can include a mobile signal that’s powerful enough to cover the whole village, ensuring that everyone can call and connect to the Internet.

Fortunately, technology has come to our aid, and it’s now possible to provide a powerful mobile signal for an entire village, using a single system that all the residents will benefit from.

Did you think that mobile signal amplifiers could only be used indoors? Well, by using the right system, and with proper professional installation, a mobile signal repeater can easily transmit a mobile signal throughout the village.

Where to start if you need a mobile signal for the whole village

Mobile signal amplifiers work on the principle of capturing a signal where they’re placed, and then amplifying and distributing that signal to areas which don’t have any signal. The Stelladoradus BigBoost system uses several elements to make this possible and, thus, achieve a mobile signal for the whole area that the Yagi antennas are pointing at.

  • An antenna is placed at the top of a nearby hill, somewhere where it can receive a good mobile signal.
  • The captured signal travels through a coaxial cable (which can measure up to 20 metres) to a StellaHome repeater, which amplifies the signal to a level where it can be used by the system.
  • The amplified signal is then transmitted via another cable (which can be up to 30 metres long) to the BigBoost amplifier, which must be located at a point from which you can see the whole village.
  • A final section of cable transfers the highly amplified signal to an antenna that projects a powerful mobile signal that covers all areas in view of the Yagi antenna.

Factors to consider when providing a mobile signal to a village

A system that aims to provide a mobile signal to an entire village must be reliable. Stelladoradus repeaters are approved by European standards and come with a 3-year guarantee.

Also, for the system to fulfil its objective of providing a good mobile signal to the village, it must be correctly installed. Check out our wide network of distributors and professional installers. If you have any questions about your project to amplify the mobile signal in a village, then please contact us without any obligation.

The lack of a mobile signal shouldn’t be a reason for you to leave your home village, or a village where you’re staying on holiday.

In the video below, you’ll see that it doesn’t deal specifically with the issue of providing a mobile signal to a village, but, rather, how to amplify a signal to reach right into the heart of a quarry. However, it’ll give you an idea of how the BigBoost system works, and its tremendous capacity.


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