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Solutions to poor mobile phone signals in remote locations

Poor mobile phone signals are synonymous with remote locations. Dropped calls and poor mobile reception are part of day to day life for people residing or visiting rural locations and other areas out of reach of mobile operator base stations.

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While this may be tolerable in some situations, this may be a problem in your home or office or any place where you spend considerable amounts of time. This could lead to missing important calls or dropping critical calls during an emergency or important conversation.
There are various reasons why poor mobile phone signals are a common problem in remote locations:

  • Coverage Area – If you are at the edge of the coverage area of your mobile phone carrier then this will be a persistent problem that you will need to remedy. Mobile Phone networks setup towers strategically to provide coverage to the majority of their customers. These towers are setup to broadcast and receive calls from customers and the further you are away from a tower, the less signal strength you will receive. So if you are in a rural location, for example where many are distant from mobile network towers, then you are likely to experience dropped calls or no reception at all.
  • Construction Obstructions – Not only are remote locations distant from Towers, they also have the problem of houses and buildings blocking signals, a problem also seen in towns and cities. You may be able to get a good signal outside the house, but instantly lose your call when entering your house

Solutions to poor mobile phone signal

A mobile phone booster may be able to solve your poor mobile phone signals in a remote location. So whether you are driving, or in a boat or ship, or live or work in a rural location, there is a mobile solution to solve this and here are a few:



The StellaDrive2100 boosts 3G signals into your vehicle and gives you high speed internet as you drive and reduces dropped calls.


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The SmartAntenna boosts 3G signals for laptops and smartphones and is easy to setup and use.

Check out our range of mobile phone boosters to solve your poor mobile phone signals.

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