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Improving the mobile signal inside a warehouse

In these times we’re living in, with small commerce seemingly on its last legs, and large businesses and online sales set to swallow it up, it’s common to see the construction of massive warehouses destined to house every type of merchandise imaginable.

These warehouses are often built with thick walls of prefabricated concrete, with huge metal sheets as roofing. They’re reasonably cheap and easy to build, but, by using these materials there’s a problem – it’s difficult to achieve a good mobile signal inside the warehouse.

The mobile signal, on its journey from the base station, loses power when having to pass through metal, such as the metal sheets on warehouse roofs, and also the prefabricated reinforced concrete. The need to use our mobiles inside warehouses inevitably leads us to look for ways to improve the mobile signal.

Getting a good mobile reception inside a warehouse with a metal roof or concrete walls

Metal is the most problematic material when it comes to transmitting mobile signals. Even if there’s a good mobile signal outside the warehouse, the metal roofing reduces the signal inside the warehouse so much that you may not have reliable mobile call coverage or data connection.

To improve the mobile signal inside a warehouse, we’ll need to get around the problem posed by these metal elements or the prefabricated reinforced concrete.

Improving the mobile signal inside a warehouse

The best way to improve the mobile signal inside a warehouse would be to capture the signal outside and channel it inside. This is the principle on which mobile signal repeaters are based.

Stelladoradus mobile signal repeaters have an antenna that’s located outside the warehouse, somewhere high up, such as on the roof. The mobile signal travels from our operator’s base station (or tower) and is picked up by the external antenna.

This mobile signal is taken into the warehouse by means of a special cable, which feeds into an amplifier – this is the key component to improve the mobile signal inside a warehouse. From the amplifier, the signal then travels to one or more indoor antennas, strategically placed in the areas of the warehouse where good coverage is needed.

Communicating with the outside world by means of the repeater

Due to this improved mobile signal inside the warehouse, phones or other devices will communicate perfectly, even better than with the signal outside in fact.

You won’t have any problems with your mobile provider, as the Stelladoradus mobile signal repeaters comply with the EU R.E.D directives, completely protect the operators network and are therefore legal to use. In addition to this, the 3-year guarantee offers you peace of mind in the future.

No matter the size or shape of the warehouse, Stelladoradus repeater systems are scalable, and can be adapted to any configuration. Why not contact us and tell us your needs? Our extensive network of distributors and professional installers will give you some great no-obligation advice.


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