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Stella Doradus

How to install a mobile phone repeater?

Having a poor reception on your mobile phone can be at least a little annoying, at worst absolutely infuriating.

If you live on the outer edge of a mobile provider’s network, then a mobile phone repeater may be just the thing you need.

No more having to stand right by the window or venture outside to make that important call.

How it works!

A mobile phone repeater works by collecting the signal via a strategically positioned aerial(1) which is then amplified(2) by an amplifier positioned somewhere in your home or office.

Not only will this device eliminate the annoyance of experiencing a broken signal while half way through a conversation, or missing calls altogether, but you will also find that your battery life significantly increases as your handset is no longer having to work so hard scanning the airwaves for a network.

And the good news is, installation is straight forward, hassle free, and can easily be carried out by yourself.

How to Install a Mobile Phone Repeater

1. Find the location around your home or office where the signal is strongest. Use your handset to do this. Obviously the stronger the signal, the more bars will be indicated on your phone’s signal strength indicator.  The antenna may be fitted externally, or in the attic if that’s easier, even on the window ledge. The best spot will nearly always be on your roof if you have access to it.

2.  Now it’s time to mount the amplifier. Mobile phone repeaters use a horizontal broadcast plane and so your device will work best if the amplifier is positioned on the same floor as the one where you’ll be making most of your calls.

3. With the aerial in place and the amplifier mounted too, connect the aerial to the amplifier via a length of coax cable. Also connect the amplifier to the internal antenna (3).

4 Now all that remains to be done is to connect the amplifier to a power supply and switch on. Your mobile signal should now be up to maximum.

When you see a blue light on the repeater box you know your phone is communicating with it and all is working well.

So, if you’re struggling to pick up a signal and are frequently missing important calls, then a mobile phone repeater maybe just the right piece of kit to solve the problem.

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