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Stella Doradus

HDR Manual Attenuators

Stella Doradus’s iRepeater now has a very useful new feature – High Dynamic Range Manual Attenuators. HDR for short.

HDR means that external attenuators are no longer needed to attenuate very strong signals.

In urban zones, it is often the case that there are cell towers near the customers’ building. The outdoor signal in these situations is very strong. The cable distance from the outdoor antenna to the repeater is usually less than 30m. The signal that reaches the repeater even after this long cable run is still so powerful that the repeater has to automatically shut its bands down to protect the operator’s network. The solution up to now has been to install an external attenuator, usually 10dB. This broadband attenuator adds 10dB attenuation to all bands equally, and this was often too little for the lower frequencies and too much for the higher frequencies.

With HDR, there is no need for any external attenuator, even when the signal is very strong. All attenuation is now possible in the software and can be applied uniquely to each band.

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