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Have full control over your repeaters remotely with ProMonitoring.

Why choose ProMonitoring?

With ProMonitoring Stella Doradus manages your repeaters::

  • StellaDoradus/installer monitors Alerts and is forewarned of any potential issues.
  • Firmware is kept up to date.
  • For every year of ProMonitoring, +1 year of ProWarranty is added.
  • Hot Swap: If any device is faulty, Stella will send a replacement immediately and only when this replacement is installed, do we ask for the faulty one to be returned.

How to get access to ProMonitoring?

Contact StellaDoradus or your reseller to purchase ProMonitoring

Free Trial Access for 2 Months

With all newly sold iRepeaters and iLineAmps, 2 months free platform access is available. Installers can activate these 2 free months whenever they choose.

Auto-Activation will happen if:

  1. Device is online for 10 days.
  2. Device is sold to End Customer on StellaControl.
  3. Device is put into a building on StellaControl.
  4. A new service is applied to the device.

After that, to access the repeater online, annual subscription must be purchased.